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About Evolve Black Girl

Tonya Parker, the author shows strength, resilience, and perseverance through her own life story of losing her lover and son's father to murder leaving her a young single mother of a two year old and unborn son and trials and tests cause her to become homeless to finding herself picking up the broken pieces and creating a new reality. This impactful journey will give you hope in continuing to evolve into the mindset of moving forward to becoming your better self through the unseen challenges of life. 


Have you ever felt like you reached a breaking point, lost all grounds to stand, lost identity or brokenness? Well if you answered yes to feeling this way

I am here to let you know you too can evolve black girl. 

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Meet the Author


                                              is an inspiring author,

minister of the gospel, motivational speaker, advocate, and proud mother of three amazing adult children. Her infectious smile, genuine heart for people and love for Jesus Christ has been her catalyst for resilience, strength, fearless to overcome many trials and tests. Through her story, she believes she can help young girls find their strength, confidence and will to move forward in spite of their pain, brokenness, and loss of Identity.

Tonya Parker


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