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Evolve The Community, INC.

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Greetings Family and Friends,

I am writing on behalf of Smiley Praise to inform you of my mission to raise awareness, provide education, and provide tools to women who have lost their sons due to violence, women who are raising sons singlehandedly because their loved one were murdered, and to young men who are committing murders.


I am passionate and eager about this cause and its dear to my heart being one that black on black crime caused my children to have an absentee father, resulting in my young black men growing up without a father.  I am needing your financial donations of any amount towards my movement during this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Write donations payable to Smiley Praise or donations can be sent via or cashapp $love1976smiley. For your tax purpose information can be given at the end of the year that can use donation as a tax write-off. Thanks so much in advance for your generous giving. Your immediate attention would be appreciated.




Tonya Parker/Smiley Praise



Cash App:$love1976smiley

Amount Raised


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